Terms and Conditions Policy

Terms & Conditions

Effective as of February 1, 2020

1. Important Notice

You agree to provide Marcel Jewell trading as Allsorts Hosting with true and correct information in order to render service to you, and you give us permission to process your personal information. Please be aware that these terms and conditions may change, and it is your responsibility to check for these changes. Failure to settle outstanding amounts on your Allsorts Hosting account may result in account suspension. Acceptance of terms for one service is not applicable to other services. You limit our liability and indemnify us for various acts or omissions.

2. Definitions

  • “Allsorts Hosting”: Refers to Marcel Jewell trading as Allsorts Hosting, and any entities to which Marcel Jewell trading as Allsorts Hosting assigns, transfers, or delegates any of its rights or obligations.
  • “Client”: The party described as such on any application or service executed between the Client and Marcel Jewell trading as Allsorts Hosting.
  • “Domain”: An Internet subdomain registered with an authorized registrar relevant to its top-level domain (“TLD”) and encompassing its constituent domain name server records.
  • “Supplier”: A provider of goods and/or services to Marcel Jewell trading as Allsorts Hosting.

3. Client Obligations

The client confirms that all information provided to Allsorts Hosting is true and correct. We reserve the right to request additional information to validate the provided data. Verification of the primary account holder’s identity may be requested at any time, and failure to produce such verification may result in account suspension or service cancellation. Our website and services are intended for use within the bounds of acceptable usage, and we reserve the right to suspend or terminate any accounts engaging in abusive behavior on our platform. Allsorts Hosting defines acceptable use and reserves the right to remove any content hosted by clients that we consider illegal, offensive, or contrary to our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). We also reserve the right to suspend or terminate the account of any client found using our services for illegal or offensive practices across all service offerings.

4. Availability of Services

While we strive to provide requested services promptly, we cannot guarantee their immediate provision upon application receipt. Allsorts Hosting will not be held liable for any service downtime resulting from factors beyond our control. Although we maintain a best effort service managed by highly competent technical staff, we will not be held liable for downtime caused by client misconfigurations or deletion/corruption of necessary files for proper service functioning. We reserve the right to terminate specific service offerings after a 30-day notice period.

5. Payment for Services

Allsorts Hosting will not accept liability or responsibility for delays, suspensions, or impacts to services resulting from the use of non-approved payment methods by clients. We will not be held liable for any downtime caused by service suspension or termination due to unpaid accounts. We reserve the right to suspend services with outstanding fees past the payment due date. Accepted payment methods include Credit/Debit Card, Bank Transfer (EFT), Debit Orders, and ATM cash deposits. All credit card payments made through Stripe result in secure storage of your card details on Stripe. Future invoices for services using the Stripe credit card gateway are paid automatically with the stored credit card details. Card details can be removed upon request.

6. Debit Order Authorization

By accepting these terms, the client authorizes Allsorts Hosting to debit their nominated bank account or Visa/Mastercard for the calculated pro-rata amount upon sign-up and subsequently at the beginning of each month (or in full for non-service products). This debit authorizes Allsorts Hosting’s nominated agent to debit the client’s bank account or Visa/Mastercard on our behalf. The debit authority remains in force until the cancellation of the services or products, subject to honoring cancellation notice periods before the expiration of the debit authority. The client agrees that the authorized party may freely cede, delegate, or assign any of its rights or obligations without the client’s consent, while the client may not cede, delegate, or assign any rights or obligations without the prior written consent of the authorized party.

7. Term and Termination

Allsorts Hosting operates on month-to-month contracts. Either the client or Allsorts Hosting may terminate the agreement for a particular service by giving one calendar month’s notice to the other party. Termination will take effect one month after notice submission. Clients may terminate services through the Allsorts Hosting client area or by providing written notice to info@allsortshosting.com. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure proper completion of the cancellation process. Allsorts Hosting reserves the right to terminate any free services offered after a 30-day notice period.

8. Client Information and Privacy

Clients signing up as primary contacts are considered “the client,” and no other parties will have access or authority to the client account, even if they are third-party recipients or affiliates of the client. Allsorts Hosting complies with privacy best practices and applicable laws, including the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) of 2013, regarding the observation of client information privacy.

9. Security

Allsorts Hosting has implemented software, hardware, and physical security measures aligned with industry best practices to protect your data. We do not warrant that breaches in security will not take place. Clients should ensure that no malicious software is executed on the Allsorts Hosting platform. We take necessary measures to follow disaster recovery procedures in the event of a software or hardware disaster, but we provide no guarantee of successful or timely recovery. You consent to giving Allsorts Hosting full permission to investigate your account in the unlikely event of a system compromise.

10. Domain Registration

Allsorts Hosting registers domains on the Internet through the relevant governing bodies and hosts websites and related materials on the Allsorts Hosting server(s) on behalf of clients. These terms and conditions apply to the use and registration of domain names and the web hosting services offered by Allsorts Hosting. Clients will be bound by the terms and conditions of the relevant domain name space (e.g., .com or .co.za) under which any domain name registered on their behalf falls.

Pricing Disclaimer:

Please note that domain pricing is subject to the registrar and may differ from the prices stated in this agreement. Factors such as premium names or other considerations can impact domain pricing.

11. Domain Transfer

Allsorts Hosting facilitates the transfer of existing registered domains from other hosting providers to our DNS and web servers. Upon requesting a transfer and accepting the relevant service terms, the client explicitly agrees to have the authority to do so as the domain registrant or an authorized agent. The client indemnifies Allsorts Hosting from any disputes regarding domain ownership or claims arising from such disputes.

Domain Renewal and Grace/Redemption Period Charges

  1. Domain Renewal: When you register a domain through Allsorts Hosting, you are granted the use of the domain for a specified period, typically one year. To ensure uninterrupted domain service, it is essential to renew your domain before its expiration date.
  2. Grace Period: Allsorts Hosting offers a grace period as a courtesy to customers, allowing a limited time after the domain’s expiration date to renew the domain without any disruptions in service. The grace period duration may vary and is subject to the policies of the respective domain registries.
  3. Redemption Period: If the domain is not renewed during the grace period, it will enter the redemption period. During this period, which typically lasts around 30 days after the grace period ends, you can still reclaim your domain. However, a redemption fee will be applicable, in addition to the regular domain renewal charges.
  4. Additional Charges: The reason for the redemption fee is to cover administrative and technical costs incurred by Allsorts Hosting to recover and process the domain for potential renewal during the redemption period.
  5. Avoiding Additional Charges: To prevent incurring redemption fees and potential loss of the domain, we strongly advise our customers to keep track of their domain’s expiration date and renew it before the grace period expires. Allsorts Hosting may offer automatic renewal services to streamline this process and reduce the risk of accidental domain expiration.
  6. Domain Availability: If the domain is not renewed during the grace and redemption periods, it will be released back into the public domain pool. Once this occurs, it becomes available for registration by other parties, and Allsorts Hosting cannot guarantee the availability of the domain for future registration.
  7. Customer Responsibility: As a valued customer of Allsorts Hosting, you are responsible for timely domain renewals and understanding the implications of not renewing within the grace and redemption periods.

By continuing to use our services and registering domains through Allsorts Hosting, you acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined in this “Domain Renewal and Grace/Redemption Period Charges” section. If you have any questions or concerns about domain renewals or the associated charges, please contact our customer support team for assistance.

12. Cancellation

Cancellation by the client or Allsorts Hosting will result in the permanent removal of any data from our servers. Clients are responsible for ensuring proper backups of web content, email data, and any other stored data on their hosting space. Allsorts Hosting will not be liable for any data loss or obligated to provide such data once the hosting contract term has expired. Any backups made by Allsorts Hosting are for legal purposes and not for data retention, and they may not necessarily be made available to clients upon request.

13. Retention of Rights

Allsorts Hosting does not claim intellectual property rights to clients’ hosted data. However, all equipment remains the property of Allsorts Hosting, and retention of data does not grant ownership of Allsorts Hosting hardware to clients.

14. Limitation of Liability and Indemnity

Allsorts Hosting will not be liable to the client or any third party for any damages, losses, claims, or costs arising from the services provided, including but not limited to direct, indirect, consequential, or special damages. Our liability, if held, will not exceed the monthly or pro-rata fees due for the service that caused the loss, within the preceding three (3) months. By using our services, you indemnify and hold Allsorts Hosting harmless against any damages, losses, or claims arising from your application, subscription, or use of any service.

Please note that the content provided here is a revised version of the original terms and conditions, tailored to your specific request. It is always advisable to consult with legal professionals to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Terms and Conditions for Premium Domain Pricing:

  1. Definition of Premium Domains: Premium domains are domain names that are considered valuable due to their relevance, popularity, and market demand. These domains may contain common keywords, be short and memorable, or have high search engine rankings. Premium domain pricing is determined based on their perceived value and market demand.
  2. Premium Domain Pricing: Allsorts Hosting offers premium domain names at competitive pricing. The pricing for premium domains is subject to change based on market trends and demand. The prices are set considering the domain’s perceived value, keyword relevance, and its potential to enhance your online presence.
  3. Availability and Reservation: Premium domain names are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The availability of premium domains is subject to change and may be affected by market demand. To secure a premium domain, customers are encouraged to make timely purchases to avoid disappointment.
  4. Non-Refundable Purchase: Please note that all premium domain purchases are non-refundable. Once a premium domain is purchased and the transaction is completed, it is considered final. We recommend conducting thorough research and due diligence before making a purchase decision.
  5. Renewal and Ownership: The ownership of premium domains is transferred to the purchaser upon successful completion of the purchase transaction. The purchaser is responsible for renewing the premium domain annually to maintain ownership and continuity of use. Failure to renew a premium domain may result in its release for public registration.
  6. Transfer of Premium Domains: Premium domains purchased through Allsorts Hosting can be transferred to another registrar or owner. However, there might be certain restrictions or requirements during the transfer process. Customers are advised to familiarize themselves with the transfer policies and procedures.
  7. Pricing Changes and Promotions: Allsorts Hosting reserves the right to modify premium domain pricing at any time without prior notice. Additionally, promotional offers or discounts on premium domains may be available for a limited time and are subject to specific terms and conditions.
  8. Domain Name Usage: Premium domains purchased through Allsorts Hosting can be used for websites, email addresses, or any other online services. However, the use of premium domains for illegal, unethical, or malicious purposes is strictly prohibited, and violations may result in the termination of services.

By purchasing a premium domain through Allsorts Hosting, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions. If you have any questions or concerns regarding premium domain pricing or usage, please feel free to contact our customer support team for assistance.